The ArtHubb


To be a creative, collaborative, community for creative individuals to come and just ‘be’. A place to grow, learn, and be supported by myself and by the shared collective knowledge and support of the community. ArtHubb is a place where you’re invited to be the truest version of yourself.


Growth x Support x Enjoyment x Balance x Equality

GROWTH: Consistent and continuous choice in improving, learning, understanding, and mindfully applying new information to our way of living.

SUPPORT: To be able to find, accept, and give support.

ENJOYMENT: Do what sparks your joy. Do what you like to do. 

BALANCE: Everything is the right proportion to everything else; no one thing dominates your life.

EQUALITY: Everyone should be treated in a way that shows respect for them as fully conscious equals.


Today’s world faces a growing mental health problem. This problem is marked by misunderstanding, both in language and knowledge. My passion lies in supporting individuals and their mental health, as both an individual with lived experiences and as a Certified Peer Support Specialist. ArtHubb will foster a community that supports the connection of these different people who have different stories.

My vision is to build a network that allows each artist to find their place within the cooperative community. The community is a ‘hubb’ where anyone and everyone can find their place and do their part in a safe, unbiased, non-judgemental community. One that focuses on constructive criticism rather than destructive.

The ArtHubb


Do Your Part

At first, I created ArtHubb as a way to showcase my art. Now, the idea of ArtHubb has evolved into this beautiful, creative, collaborative community that fosters a safe and supportive environment for individuals to connect, learn, and grow through their mental health experiences, journey, progression, and recovery.  

My goal is to provide a place for any one person to come and feel like they are 100% supported, heard, and included.

Within ArtHubb, you will find a wide variety of individuals, talents, and arts across every niche. What we don’t have, someone else does. And what we have, someone else needs.

Twitch Community

I currently stream Monday through Friday beginning at 8am central time. My morning streams are called Breakfast & Feelings Check In, where we make a point to eat and check in with our feelings. We often get distracted by other things and forget to eat regularly; we also tend to only know if we are feeling “good” or “bad” when asked how we are. The goal of my stream is to have us check in with how we are each feeling. Let’s practice mindfulness and self-awareness together.

Feeling frustrated? Optimistic? Reserved? Are you aware of what is causing you to feel this way? What need isn’t being met? How can we help?  

My stream is a place where we are all allowed to be ourselves. There is a place for everyone! You are welcome to come say hi, lurk (watch & not chat), stay for five minutes, or the whole stream! I invite you to come ‘be’ with us!


The ArtHubb Discord server is one more place for us to be ourselves. Discord is an online platform that hosts servers like my own to create communities. In our Discord, you will find different channels such as your niche or hobbies, channels where you can seek support, give support, and even share photos of your pet. 

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