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8 Books for Self Improvement to Read Now Jenny’s Bookshelf Vol. 1: Self Improvement One month into the new year, and that blank space on your vision board is starting

Rise and Reflect: A Mid-Year Reflection of Growth and Renewal This is a 5 minute read. If you would prefer to listen, click here. The past six months have been

Books by Autistic Authors

Books by Autistic Authors for Children, Teens, Parents, & Everyone Has your child been diagnosed with Autism recently, and you’re having trouble finding good books by people who are actually

Finding Focus: How Painting Helped Me Stay Present in Training This is a 7 minute read. If you would prefer to listen, click here. If you’re someone who struggles with

Active Listening with CARE Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where the other person seemed to be speaking a completely different language? Or maybe you’ve been on the

Exploring with Anxiety

Exploring with Anxiety This week, I took on the challenge of going to a new, public place by myself. If you struggle with doing things outside of your home by

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