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Welcome! My name is Jennifer and I am a Peer Support Specialist, Mental Health Advocate, and ADHDer with a bag full of disorders and traits that I have been learning over time to manage by utilizing my coping skills toolbox, creating pillars of support, and finding community. I also have a really awesome cat named Muenster (like the cheese!)

I will be using this blog to…

  • share my own lived experiences with my mental health journey
  • explore mental health topics such as depression, anxiety, binge eating disorder, ADHD, neurodiversity
  • showcase different resources and individuals that I have found helpful in my own journey
  • share personal thoughts and reflections on different ideas and issues that come up in day-to-day life
  • FEELINGS! discuss all things feelings and emotions. definitions of feeling words we didn’t even know existed, improving our ability to name our emotions and ways to regulate them
  • review mental health and health related apps, programs, books, workbooks, etc.
Be sure to come by our live peer support style stream, Click here to view my Breakfast and Feelings Check-In on Twitch! We are live every weekday morning from 8-10am CST / 9-11am EST / 6-8am PST / 1-3pm GMT
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